California DMV License Suspension for DUI

Procedures For Drivers License Suspension Admin Per Se Hearing

In California, a driver arrested for DUI will most likely have his or her driver’s license confiscated by the arresting officer at the time of arrest.

Upon release, the driver will be issued a pink temporary license.  This pink temporary license also serves as notice to the driver that s/he has 10 days to request an Administrative Hearing through the California DMV.

If an Administrative Hearing is not requested within 10 days of the arrest, the driver’s privilege to drive in California will automatically be suspended 30 days after the arrest.

San Diego License Suspension Procedures

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The Statutory DMV License Suspension Laws

The statutory scheme for administrative California DMV license suspension can be complicated.  If the DMV does take action against a driver’s privilege to drive in California, there are different lengths of suspension periods and different requirements for obtaining a restricted license.  Generally, a first offense will result in a four (4) month suspension through the DMV.  Multiple offenses, Refusals and Zero-Tolerance (under 21 and probation violations) result in a one (1) year suspension.